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Support your dog’s healthy joints with a formula easily absorbed into your dog’s body. Formulated to maintain joint cartilage and soft tissue, fight inflammation, and improve supplement delivery.


Recommended to support healthy joints and enhance flexibility. Helps support structural integrity of joints, connective tissue, and maintain cartilage while relieving occasional joint stiffness for long-term joint health.


This triple patented formula boosts the bodies absorption of anabolic GAG’s, anti-inflamatories and antioxidants allowing you to breakthrough barriers and find your best.


Go Anabolic! Actistatin® Pro Athlete is the newest revolution in speeding athletic recovery for muscles, joints, and connective tissues.

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What Customers are Saying


GLC 2000

“GLC Products are not just for MMA fighters… Anyone with joint pain can benefit.”


GLC 2000

“GLC 2000 helped me avoid a cortisone shot”


Actistatin Canine

“Within two weeks, his stiffness upon arising was gone!”


Actistatin Canine

“I just wanted to tell you guys Thank you!! YOU have changed the world for our dog, Cody!”



“This is the first time since before his trauma that I felt him feel young and springy again!”


GLC 5500

“After trying countless joint supplements, and not seeing any results. We have finally found one that works, that’s why we recommend GLC 5500.”